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North Lincs Rotary

Organized by the combined Rotary Clubs of Brigg, Scunthorpe and Scunthorpe Pentagon
working with
North Lincolnshire Council

Team Entry Application Form 2021

Please complete the entry form for your team. Please note that this entry form is for a team of about six swimmers. Your request will be dealt with by our admin team (admin@nlrswim.org.uk) who will get back to you with some suggested time slots for your Swimarathon.

Please note that there will be a prize for what is considered to be the most amusing or apposite team name. This means that the Team Name that you entered on this form can be changed when you’ve all got together and come up with something better!

There will be 5 lanes. Each lane will have one team swimming in it for one hour. The starting time slots will be on the hour from 9am until 4pm. If you have any special requirements for your team please mention them in the Comments section of the form.

Once we have received your Team Entry Form we will send you a number of forms to your email address.
For the whole of the team there will be a spreadsheet (Excel style) into which all the names of the team members should be entered. For any of your team members who is under 18 years of age there will be a Parent/Guardian Consent Form in pdf format. There will also be Pledge Forms (also pdf) for you to download. If you would prefer any of these to be sent to you through the post please indicate this in the Comments section.

When you click on the link above you will be directed to a site which will collect the information which we need in order to send you sponsorship forms and other relevant details. You will get an email as confirmation of your submission. If you don’t hear from us within a day or so (might be on holiday) then please send us an email on admin@nlrswim.org.uk

Entry Form for 21st March 2021

Please click HERE to be taken to your Team Entry Application Form
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