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North Lincs Rotary

Organized by the combined Rotary Clubs of Brigg, Scunthorpe and Scunthorpe Pentagon
working with
North Lincolnshire Council

What Happened in 2018?

Lengths Original Team Name                               Revised Team Name

299          Winners  

230           S.I.K.                                                               Logang4Lyfe

213          The Fastest Fishy-wishys in the Sea  Chlorine Machines!

206          Anchor Girls  

202          Renee Hazelden                                        Fidget Swimmers

182          119 Scunthorpe ATC  

169          Bubble Bottoms                                        Swimmy McSwimface

164          SwimSummers  

149          Doggy Paddlers                                         Do it for the Dogs

146          Crow's Nest Mop Shop

146          LincGibHob                                                  I thought this was speed dating

144          Scunthorpe Hospice 2                             Lindsey Lodge Dolphins

144          Fred Gough 2  

140          Fred Gough 1  

134          New Waltham Academy                       New Waltham Narwhals

134          Scunthorpe Sea Cadets  

131          Sulky Swimmers  

131          Daisy's Dolphins  

125          Liz and the Squids  

124          Ulceby Ladies                                           Freestyle mummies with rubber duckies

124          The Shubunkins  

124          Yellow Submarine  

118          Oddments

113          The Unsinkables                                     Oceans 6

110          Scunthorpe Hospice Male                  Lindsey Lodge Sharks

109          The No Hopers                                        Five Ladies and a Dave

104          Scunthorpe Pentagon  

94            The Debutantes  

93            Dynamos                                                   Dynamic Dolphins

88            Scunthorpe Sea Cadets  

86            Piscine about Town  

80            Squad

49            The Wheelie Swimmers

In total the teams swam 4605 lengths, which is the equivalent of about
115 Kilometres or almost 72 miles!

When all the pledges come in we expect to have raised over £7000 for local causes.