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North Lincs Rotary

Organized by the combined Rotary Clubs of Brigg, Scunthorpe and Scunthorpe Pentagon
working with
North Lincolnshire Council

What Happened in 2020?


177 Henry Ulbeto

170 Who Planted Those Trees

145 Swimmers Bains Broomer 1

143 Drowning Ducks

137 KPAC Dance team

134 Scunthorpe Coop Jnr Choir A

132 Nicu Ninjas Adult

130 16th Scunthorpe Scout Group B

128 Lydian Choir

128 Oddments 2

125 Oddments 1

115 Scunthorpe Sea Cadets

112 Brigg President's Team

109 Pentagon Paddlers

105 Diving Dolphins

105 Carers' Support Service

105 St Hugh's Swans

103 Scunthorpe Coop Jnr Choir A

102 Swimmers Bains Broomer 2

102 Surfing Starfish

101 Vending Enterprises

100 The Hinxmans and Alis

<100 16th Scunthorpe Scout Group A

<100 Team Brittain

<100 Dynamic Dolphins

<100 16th Scunthorpe Scout Group C

<100 Scunthorpe Sea Cadets

<100 The Rainbow Fish

<100 Team MBG

<100 Young Carers

<100 Blue Belles

In total the teams swam 3485 lengths, which is the equivalent of about
87 Kilometres or about the distance from The Pods to East Midlands Airport.

Without doubt the 2 teams which swam more than anyone else were “Henry Ulbeto” and “Who Planted Those Trees?” With 177 lengths and 170 lengths respectively. But . . . Henry Ulbeto had more swimmers in their team, meaning that the last 5 minutes, when every member could swim, would have given them an advantage which was probably more than 7 lengths. We should wait and see whether or not the judges declare it a draw!